Animal rescue based out of the North Coast of Dominican Republic, and Hamilton, ON.

Thanks for reaching out to Moringa’s Mission!  We appreciate your support of our organization – we could not save as many lives as we do without the support of our community!
Please understand our organization is run completely by volunteers.  As such, please allow 48 hours for us to respond to your inquiries.

Here is our story of how Moringa’s Mission was started, spoken by our founding member Dee Morrison:

Moringa was the first puppy to wander into my yard within a week of moving to Sabaneta de Yasica, Dominican Republic. This is her story…

“I was not wanted, and left to fend for myself at just 8 weeks old. I started following my nose, and came to a place with mucho dogs and FOOD! I crawled under the fence then ran to the first bowl I saw. The other dogs scared me but I was so hungry.

I had not eaten in a while, was full of worms, and had mange from no one taking care of me. This lady swooped over and picked me up. She fed me lots of food, bathed me, and dewormed me. Wow! I struck gold. I had lots of foster siblings, and got fed three times a day. Not sure I liked the baths, but I started feeling really good.

Then one day I had trouble breathing. The lady took me to Dr. Bob a veterinarian in Sosua. They gave me needles, and I had to take some stuff that tasted bad, but my foster mom said it would help me. We went back to Dr. Bob a few days later, but I did not feel better and my heart was racing. Whatever Dr. Bob told my foster mom made her cry. She held me in her arms, and kissed me, while Dr. Bob gave me a needle. I then went to this place called The Rainbow Bridge. I know I was loved, and I have no more pain. I will run free here until my foster mom crosses over, and we will be reunited.”

Moringa was with me such a short time, but I am happy she knew how loved and cherished she was. She had a genetic heart defect that would only get worse. The decision was made to let her go peacefully with love.

This story is true and not unique. Here in the Dominican many animals suffer because of lack of education and money. I hope to change this with the help of people here in the trenches, and the people in Canada who have hearts of gold. They saw a way to make a difference. I live here on a pension, and could not do all that I do without the generosity of those of you who love animals, and want to help make a difference in this world.

Please join me on this journey of making a difference in the lives of the animals, and people, here in the Dominican Republic. Though there is heartache with those we cannot help, there is the joys of saving them too. We are making a difference one animal at a time.